Funds raised at PTA events are directed straight back into the school for the benefit of the students.

Our recent fundraising efforts have been to support the Old Palace minibus infrastructure. Our OP minibuses are used frequently by each and every girl at Old Palace. Our community are well aware of the busy lives of our girls. As well as providing transport to get to school, the minibuses transport girls to sport fixtures, school visits and between sites. This makes our transport system extremely valuable to us and a lot of work goes into ensuring this service is safe and reliable and meets our OP standards.

The PTA are pleased to announce our contributions towards the minibus infrastructure has been gratefully received by the school.

A further contribution by the PTA, has been to subsidise the Annual Pantomime visit for all Old Palace girls and their families this year at Waddon Leisure Centre with their showing of Jack and The Beanstalk (2017).

We continue to provide refreshments and ice lollies during Preparatory Sports Days.

I hope you can see where we have made tangible contributions to our community with these efforts. Thank you for supporting our fundraising and we endeavour to put these funds towards practical benefits for our Old Palace community. We hope you have an enjoyable time at our events over the year whilst supporting the PTA and knowing that it all contributes towards worthwhile benefits for all of us.